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Like I said in a previous post, portraiture is not a strength of mine photographically.  I am much more comfortable with shooting street, travel, and sometimes landscapes, so when I found out that the contest theme for September was “At your service: Portraits of people who serve you everyday”, it sent a slight wave of panic down my spine.

An MMDA traffic enforcer or a cop would have been a very obvious and predictable subject, so I had to think fast.  A week before the deadline, with nothing to show for aside from a photo of the President giving a commencement address in my stock, I decided to pull some strings in PGH and shoot a doctor.

Thanks to my cousin, who used to be Chief Resident for Orthopedics in PGH, I was able to shoot Dr. Dandro Lat, who I imagine got bullied into allowing us to waste his time for about half an hour.

In spite of the stuffy hospital air which made us sweat buckets, the constant cahoots of his colleagues, and the steady panic over time ticking, he graciously allowed us to direct him, and we were able to get a few decent shots.  The camera loves him.

None of these shots made the Top 20, and it is a glaring exhibit of the skills I still lack in portraiture, but still, it was a nice excuse to set foot on my alma mater once again.

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